We’re very grateful to Troi Lee aka DJ Chinaman for sparing a few minutes for this interview. Read on to learn about Troi’s journey into DJing, D&B, Jungle and organising the Deaf Rave events

What inspired you to get into DJing?

I was fortunate that I had a music background family. My cousins were professional DJ’s and my twin was a Drummer. So music became my passion by watching those guys when growing up. Once I hear the beats and sounds coming out of the speakers or headphones, it brings me joy and vibes. One of my cousin’s best friends was also a professional DJ. They said someone was selling a pair of records decks and a mixer. I immediately bought it when I was around age 20 or 22. It was such a long time ago! Then buying records (vinyl) become a hobby. Then I never looked back. But technology has evolved. I am now DJing with the latest tech and using my Laptop or even a USB depending on where I play! The last point is I used to go raving or clubbing and watch all these cool DJs in action. I was like wow. We Deaf people need to do this!

What is it you love about Drum and Bass?

Very simple! The beats and the BASS! It’s just how rhythms play and it’s radical! I grew up on Drum and Bass but when I was raving in my 20s, it was called Jungle back then. Amazing times and amazing experiences. The crowd were all harmonious and friendly back then. There are different types of Drum and Bass such as Liquid, Jump Up or Jungle and a few more different styles of DnB. I like all!

Have you experienced a lot of obstacles in your pursuit of DJing?

Yes, a few times when younger. DJing with vinyl was difficult as you had to rely on hearing. In old times there were no laptops, which is strictly the oldskool way. I’m lucky I wear hearing aids. So I can hear music. I could tell if it was Hip Hop or House or if the vocals are male or female. But I never really understood the lyrics or what was sung or rapped.

Can you tell us a bit about the yearly Deaf Rave events?

Deaf Rave first started in 2003. 2003-2005 Those were magical years as I should say. We had an average of 1000 Deaf people coming to our events. Deaf people from all over the world came. I provided some wonderful showcases featuring Deaf talents in Dance, Sign Songs, Visual performances. Amazing times.

What’s your favourite tune right now?

Too many to say! Ok the song I enjoy at the moment is ‘All Junglist’ by DJ Hybrid, I love the sounds, beats and the bass.

Tell us about any live events and live-streaming events you’ve got coming up

We have our cool Deaf Rave Reunion Party on the 29th August 2021 Bank Holiday Sunday. 8pm – 4am. It will have 8 Deaf DJ’s all playing different music. Also, we doing a really cool showcase featuring MC Geezer, SignKid – Sign Rappers. Also Dancers and other cool sign songs artists on the night. We have not had a Deaf community gathering for over a year and a half now. We are all excited and cannot wait to get back into action and hype up the Deaf community for London and UK.

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