1on1 Online Course: Scratching – The Basics

We’ve all seen those master turntablists at work, furiously scratching and beat juggling and thought “I’d love to do that!”  The reality is it will take years of practice to get to DMC standard but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the basics of scratching to add that little something extra to your set.

Our introduction course will teach you the right techniques to quickly set you on the right path to be a scratch master.

At the end you will receive a certificate of completion to show off to your mates!

Scratch Course Topics

Scratching on Vinyl / CDJs / Controllers
Getting Started: Baby Scratch, Transform & Chirp
How to use the Crossfader
Simple beat juggles
Sourcing Scratch Samples

Cost for Basic Scratching course

1 Hour – £75
2 Hours – £100
4 Hours – £175
8 Hours – £325
12 Hours – £450
16 Hours – £495

1on1 Online Course: Scratching – Turntablism

Learning to scratch is one thing but training to become a turntablist is a whole new level all together. For this reason alone we drafted in the 2013 Online World DMC champion Jon1st to get you started from the ground up, and with a lot of practise and professional tutoring from Jon you’ll soon be on your way to producing a world class turntablism routine.

Below you’ll find an extensive list on some of the topics you can expect to cover throughout the lessons.

Course Topics


  • Equipment Set Up for Scratching (Crossfaders, Needles, DVS/Jogwheel Settings, EQ settings)
  • What Sounds Can I Scratch?
  • Core Scratch Techniques (Baby Scratches, Cutting, Release Scratches, Drags, Transforms, Chirps, Stabs etc)
  • Efficient Hand Positioning
  • Begineer DVS Turntablism Techniques
  • Developing an Efficient Practice Regime
  • Developing Your Flow
  • Beat Juggling Fundamentals (Spinbacks and Looping)


  • Intermediate Scratch Techniques (Tears and Intermediate Fadeless Scratches, Twiddles, Crabs, Flares, Orbits etc)
  • Intermediate Beat Juggling (Basic Trick mixing Techniques and Loop Juggles)
  • Intermediate DVS Turntablism Techniques
  • Scratching With FX
  • Developing an Efficient Practice Regime
  • Developing Your Speed
  • Developing Your Flow
  • How to Incorporate Your Techniques into a Routine.


  • Advanced Scratch Techniques (Advanced Combo Scratches and Advanced Fadeless Scratches)
  • Intermediate Beat Juggling (Advanced Trick Mixing, Advanced Loop Juggles, Breakdown Juggles and more)
  • Developing an Efficient Practice Regime
  • Developing Your Speed
  • Developing Your Flow
  • Developing Your Control of Pitch While Scratching
  • Scratching With FX
  • Advanced DVS Turntablism Techniques
  • How to Build a Turntablist Battle Routine.
  • How to Incorporate Your Techniques into a DJ Set.
  • How to Prepare Your Own Custom Scratch Tools
  • How to Prepare Your Own Custom Routine Tools
  • How to Record Scratches With A DAW
  • Personal Routine Development – constructively break down your own battle routines with the tutor

Cost for Turntablism course 

1 Hour – £75
2 Hours – £100
4 Hours – £150
8 Hours – £275
12 Hours – £325
16 Hours – £400

We use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or whichever video conferencing software you’re comfortable with. Our online tutors will provide High Quality audio and video with clear instructions to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible. We can help you set up clear audio and video with your own equipment, but even if you don’t have the kit to make this happen, we can work with just the audio from your speakers. Even if you don’t have any DJ kit just yet, we can still start lessons to get you understanding the fundamentals of the art of scratching.

We can also provide you with expert advice on what kit to use, along with a discount code for our partner DJKit.com to get your first bit of kit at a great price.

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Our specialty is creating bespoke courses for individuals. In todays DJ & production world there’s such a wide range of technology and software and with the different needs we all have as individuals, creating a unique course means you get to learn exactly what you want, at the rate you are comfortable with.