1on1 Course: Learn To DJ Online (Beginners to intermediate)

Whether you want to DJ for fun or elevate yourself to a professional level, we all have to start somewhere and where better than the comfort of your own home with our ‘Learn to DJ’ 1on1 online course. You will work with your knowledgeable and active DJ tutor to create a bespoke learning experience tailored to your needs as a DJ at your own pace at times that work for you, morning, afternoon and evening.

We’re not going to sugar coat it; it will take hours of practise but our course will fast track you with all our tips and knowhow from   years of experience to get you on the right track from the start.

We use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or whichever video conferencing software you’re comfortable with. Our online tutors will provide High Quality audio and video with clear instructions to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible. We can help you set up clear audio and video with your own equipment, but even if you don’t have the kit to make this happen, we can work with just the audio from your speakers. Even if you don’t have any DJ kit just yet, we can still start lessons to get you understanding the fundamentals of the art of DJ’ing. We can also provide you with expert advice on what kit to use, along with a discount code for our partner DJKit.com to get your first bit of kit at a great price.

At the end you will receive a certificate of completion to show off to your mates!

Course Topics

What kit to use (Vinyl/Media Players/Controllers)
Understanding Beats, Bars and Phrases
Equipment Set up & Functions
Tempo & BPM
Introduction to Beat Matching
Pitch Matching
Phrase Mixing & Mix Points
Using FX in the Mix
Matching Sound Levels
Understanding EQ – Corrective VS Creative
Structuring A Set
Which software to use (Serato/Rekordbox/Traktor)
Digital Music Management
How to prepare your music to play
Where to get your music from
Understanding digital music formats
Recording Mixes
Live streaming your mix
Uploading mixes to Mixcloud etc.


1 Hour – £75
2 Hours – £100
4 Hours – £175
8 Hours – £325
12 Hours – £450
16 Hours – £495

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