FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - On The Rise DJ Academy

FAQ – DJ Academy

I'm starting out, how can you help me?
We have a range of kit and software in our studio with expert tutors who can guide you through all of them to help you make the right decision on where to get started.
Do I need to be musically educated or have DJ skills to do a DJ course?
Not at all! A passion for music is all you need to get started on our beginner DJ course.
Are the DJ course for men and women?
Absolutely, in fact we’d say around 40% of our students are women.  You only have to check out DJ’s like Hannah Wants, Charlie Tee, Sister Bliss & Lady Waks to see some amazingly talented females in the DJ world.
I'd like to get my own DJ set up but I've heard it's expensive?
It certainly doesn’t have to be!  You can get yourself a high quality budget controller, speakers and decent pair of headphones for under £300 from stores like DJkit.com. Students can also get a generous 10% off orders!

Do I need to bring my own DJ Equipment?
No, our studio is fully equipped with the latest equipment. If you have your own DJ equipment we do recommend bringing it with you so you can be taught on the kit you can practise with at home.

Do I need to bring my own music?
We have an extensive library of music here at the studio for you to use but we’ll always recommend brining your own music that you like and are familiar with.

Who will be teaching the DJ lessons?
The lessons are taught by active DJ’s in the scene: Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan.  Collectively they have over 40 years DJing in clubs and festivals round the world from Fabric to Glastonbury, Exit Festival to Ministry Of Sound.  They have played every continent in the world and toured America, Canada and Austrialia & Asia.  Radio wise they’ve had guest mixes on Radio 1, 1 Xtra & JJJ and held weekly shows on Kiss FM, Ministry as well as online stations like Kool London, Groovetech and more. 

Are the lessons 1 on 1 or in a group?
We offer group lessons but our specialty is bespoke one on one lessons teaching individual users exactly what they want to help them improve their DJ skills at a faster rate.
Are there any age limits to enroll in DJ courses?
If you are 18 years old you will need an adult with you for the duration of the course, please contact us to find out more.

FAQ – Online Courses

What equipment do I need for the online Ableton course?
For the Ableton Live online course you will need:

  • Computer with good internet access
  • Webcam & microphone (most laptops have built in)
  • Headphones
  • Full working version of Ableton Live (You can get a full working version that works for 30 days from the Ableton site)
  • Google Hangout account 
What equipment do I need for the other online courses?
You will need a working version of software the course is about and a either Skype or Google Hangout account and access to the internet.

FAQ – Payments

How to I pay?
Once we’ve create a bespoke course for you we’ll email you an invoice which has all our bank and PayPal details.  Please note it is currently not possible to take payments over the phone or at the studio
Can I pay in instalments?
Unfortunately we do not offer instalment plans at the moment and require the course to be paid in full before the first lesson begins

FAQ – General

I'm based outside of the UK, can I still book lessons?
Yes indeed, we’ve had many international students come over to us for lessons from India to Finland and beyond.  We’ve teamed up with FastTrax Travel (part of the Flight Centre) who will assist you in your travel & hotel arrangements:

Fast Trax Travel – email Hannah Martin or Aston Harvey