1on1 Course: ABLETON

Ableton is one of the global leaders in production DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) so it’s only right that our Ableton courses are taught by expert tutor Anthony Chapman who will kick start your production career to push your skills to the next level.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of just some of the topics we’ll cover and as they are bespoke courses we can create one that’s just perfect for you.  Don’t worry if you are just getting started, we’ll plan out the perfect starter course to suit you and the style of music you’d like to create.


Ableton Course: BEGINNERS

An Introduction to Ableton:

  • The interface
  • Audio & Midi
  • The piano roll


  • What makes up a break?
  • Slicing up a break
  • Sample selection & what to look for
  • Layering drums

Basic Synthesis:

  • Pre-set exploration
  • Waveforms
  • Envelopes & filters
  • LFO and modulation matrixes
  • Using samplers


  • Basic song arrangement
  • Bass splitting (I.e. Using a separate sub)
  • Build up & Transition effects
  • Creating variation


  • Utility purpose (I.e. Reverb to help a snare sit in the mix)
  • Creative purposes (I.e. Big reverb to make the snare have a massive tail )


  • Basic EQ
  • Basic Compression & side chaining
  • Return channels
  • Creating busses

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Ableton Course: THE NEXT STEP

Advanced overview of Ableton:

  • The interface
  • Audio drivers & MIDI controllers
  • In-depth track breakdown


  • What’s makes a break?
  • Sample selection & what to look for
  • Elements of a snare (I.e. Transient, Body, Tail)
  • Drum processing
  • Phase relationships (I.e. Between the kick and sub bass)


  • Waveforms, envelopes, LFO & filters
  • FM & AM
  • Harmonic relationships & partials
  • Stereo spread & mid/side processing
  • Resynthesis


  • Utility purpose
  • Creative purposes
  • Saturation & distortion
  • Vocoding


  • EQ & mid/side processing
  • Single-band & multi-band compression & limiting
  • Gates & expanders
  • Parallel chains
  • How the waveform should look


  • Limiting
  • Multiband compression
  • Saturation
  • Stereo field
  • “A/B”ing


1 Day Course – £180.00
3 Day Course – £500.00
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NB: We have various set courses like this one, but our specialty is creating bespoke courses for individuals. In todays DJ & production world there’s such a wide range of technology and software and with the different needs we all have as individuals, creating a unique course means you get to learn exactly what you want, at the rate you want to learn at.