1on1 Course: Digital Management

Sounds dull right? BUT Digital File Management is an essential part of todays digital DJ process to make sure you are only focusing on DJing, the crowd and being creative when you are live.

It’s no secret that the more prepared you are in life the better you will succeed and DJing in todays digital world is no different, if anything it’s essential.  Back in the day with vinyl as your format the management process was simple – all you had to do was fill your box with records and take them to the gig with you. The world of the digital DJ brings a whole new level to it with thousands more tracks to choose from, beatgriding, cue points, playlists…. well you get the idea!

At the end you will receive a certificate of completion to show off to your mates!

Our one day Digital Management course approaches digital DJing into 3 key areas:


Having a well organised library is key to finding the music you want to play next and not to spend precious minutes searching among 1000’s of tracks on your laptop.

We’ll cover the best way to organise your music, keep on top of metadata and utilising playlists to get organised.


No matter what software platform you use from Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor it’s key to make sure your songs are analysed and beatgrided correctly as well as setting cue points that work for you.  Not only is this process key to using sync function but also for accurate looping and effects.


The more time and energy you put into steps 1 and 2, the more fun you’re going to have in your sets.  Being able to focus fully on the tune selection, the crowd and being creative is all you need to do.  Searching for tracks, not being able to loop or sync files correctly is not a scenario you want to encounter live.

Have a read of our quick tip guide to help you understand more what this course will do for you.



  • The course is suitable for anyone using Serato, Rekordbox, Trakor & iTunes.
  • 1 Day Course (In our London studio) – £175.00
  • 1 Day Course (Online video call) – £150.00
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NB: We have various set courses like this one, but our specialty is creating bespoke courses for individuals. In todays DJ & production world there’s such a wide range of technology and software and with the different needs we all have as individuals, creating a unique course means you get to learn exactly what you want, at the rate you want to learn at.