Whether you want to DJ for fun or elevate yourself to a professional level, we have plenty of DJ courses to suit all experiences.

Our Online bespoke 1on1 DJ courses are tailored to ensure you learn exactly what you want within our organic course structure, at a pace you are comfortable learning at.

We use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or whichever video conferencing software you’re comfortable with. Our online tutors will provide High Quality audio and video with clear instructions to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible. We can help you set up clear audio and video with your own equipment, but even if you don’t have the kit to make this happen, we can work with just the audio from your speakers. Even if you don’t have any DJ kit just yet, we can still start lessons to get you understanding the fundamentals of the art of DJ’ing. We can also provide you with expert advice on what kit to use, along with a discount code for our partner DJKit.com to get your first bit of kit at a great price.

We can teach beginners to advanced on all types of DJ software platforms like Serato, Rekordbox DJ & Traktor.  From Vinyl to CDJ’s, Controllers to USB, we cover it all.

DJ Lessons are taught by knowledgeable and active DJ tutors along with head tutor Terry Ryan (Atomic Hooligan), who between them have over 50 years combined experience DJ’ing in clubs and festivals round the world as well as hosting and guesting radio shows on stations like BBC Radio1, Kiss FM & Ministry Of Sound.

Check the courses below to find out more or simply get in contact to speak to one of our friendly tutors.

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Rekordbox Lessons at On The Rise DJ Academy Serato Lessons at On The Rise DJ Academy Traktor Lessons at On The Rise DJ Academy


1 Hour – £75
2 Hours – £100
4 Hours – £175
8 Hours – £325
12 Hours – £450
16 Hours – £495

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Our specialty is creating bespoke courses for individuals. In todays DJ & production world there’s such a wide range of technology and software and with the different needs we all have as individuals, creating a unique course means you get to learn exactly what you want, at the rate you are comfortable with.