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1on1 Course: LEARN TO DJ

Whether you want to DJ for fun or elevate yourself to a professional level, we all have to start somewhere and where better than our 3 day Learn To DJ Course based in our London studio.

Taught by knowledgeable and active DJ’s Jay Cunning & Terry (Atomic Hooligan), you’ll be introduced to the basics of mixing two tracks together to lay the foundations of becoming an expert DJ. We’re not going to sugar coat it; it will take hours of practise but our course will fast track you with all our tips and knowhow from our combined 40 years experience to get you on the right track from the beginning.

Already got your set up, practising and you’re pulling off decent mixes and played a few mates parties or maybe even in a club – what now?

Our DJ course is also aimed at getting bedroom DJs to the next level by drawing from our combined 40 year experience playing in clubs, festivals and radio shows around the world. To truly master the art of DJing it takes a lot of dedication, drive and practise, our techniques and knowledge we help fast track you to the next level.



  • Understanding Beats, Bars and Phrases
  • Song structure analysis
  • Platforms explained: Vinyl / CDJ / USB / Digital
  • Equipment set up & functions
  • Tempo & BPM
  • Introduction to Beat Matching
  • Phrase Mixing & Mix Points
  • Matching sound levels
  • Understanding EQ – Corrective VS Creative
  • Basic Effects
  • Structuring a set
  • Get Organised: Digital Music Management


  • Advanced Beat Matching
  • Advanced Phrase Mixing
  • Advanced Effects
  • Harmonic Mixing (Mixing In Key)
  • Introducing Loops
  • Using effects in the mix
  • Advance set structure & planning
  • Creative mixing over different tempos
  • Mixing different styles of music
  • Recording mixes
  • Self Promotion
  • Mix & Performance Analysis


1 Day DJ Course – £175.00
3 Day DJ Course – £450.00
8 Week DJ Course – More Information
Bespoke DJ Course – Contact Us

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NB: We have various set courses like this one, but our specialty is creating bespoke courses for individuals. In todays DJ & production world there’s such a wide range of technology and software and with the different needs we all have as individuals, creating a unique course means you get to learn exactly what you want, at the rate you want to learn at.