Create your own track is an Ableton online course where you will make your own professional track LIVE, every week with just you and your tutor, ready to submit to your favourite label.  As long as you complete all the homework we’ll guarantee that you’ll end the course with a finished track, as every step of your production will be done side by side with your experienced tutor. Not only will you have one complete track, but you’ll also have the knowledge to go on any make many more. This course is suitable for anyone in any dance  music genre as each class is created around each individual student.


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  • 1-on-1 – All classes are one on one with your tutor who is an active producer releasing music. 
  • Schedule – You can make your own schedule with our online calendar.
  • Online – We use Google+ Hangouts for our classes, so you can do the course from anywhere.
  • Recordings – All classes will be recorded so you can watch back any time you want.
  • Music style – You can learn to make any music genre you like as all classes will be designed for you individually.
  • Homework – After each class you will be assigned homework.
  • Feedback – Each class will have detailed feedback of your homework.
  • Track – At the end of the course you will have finished track ready to submit to your favourite label.
  • Release – We have 7 record labels internally and a PR department as well as countless connections to help push your finished track out there.


  1. Sound design  At this section you will learn how to design sounds playing in your head. You will learn how to use different instruments and create your own sounds.
  2. Groove and idea  At this section of the course you will learn how to find your unique idea for your own track and create perfect groove of the track you working on. We will talk about what you want to say in this track and how to develop your idea with sounds
  3. Arrangement   At this section you will learn how to arrange your idea to the good sounding track.
  4. Processing   At this section you will learn how to use all effects and processing to make your track sounding good in the headphones or club sound system. 
  5. Mixing and mastering   Here you will see how to mix and master the track you’ve made.


  • Sessions: 24
  • Duration: 1 hour long session per week (24 weeks)
  • Sessions: Each class is booked via our online booking system, so no matter where you leave we can find perfect time for your class
  • Genres: House, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breaks, Trap, Glitch-Hop, Hip-Hop
  • Price: £600


  • Computer with good internet access
  • Webcam & microphone (most laptops have built in)
  • Headphones
  • Full working version of Ableton Live (You can get a full working version that works for 30 days from the Ableton site)
  • Google Hangout account

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